One-on-One Intensive Training

Upgrade your pilot’s licence to fly a bigger plane...

Are you looking for guidance on one particular aspect of digital marketing?

It’s easy to become stuck in one area, which can then limit your overall progress in the online sphere.

If you’re finding it difficult to grasp certain digital marketing concepts and would like some one-on-one training, with a friendly specialist (with no judging), then let’s talk!

I can help you learn the intricacies of digital marketing, including these and a whole lot more:

· Instagram for business

· Instagram stories

· Setting up a new business Facebook page

· Facebook for business

· Facebook custom audiences

· Social media content planning

· Blog post writing

· Hashtags explained

· Setting up a MailChimp email marketing account and email sequence

· Newsletter compilation

One-on-One Intensives are held over two sessions (or more), for one hour each (longer if we need to), providing you with focused insights to enable you to go forth and conquer. We custom these sessions to ensure we cover everything that you need. 


What clients are saying



"In the short time I have known Kristy, the frustration of getting things done on time has disappeared. She has saved me so much time and I can now focus on my business. She is so motivated and passionate, I welcome our regular meetings. Kristy is decisive and knowledgeable, respectful and an excellent listener - she never stops surprising me with her ideas! She gets things done fast and is a “rock” you can anchor at with trust. She gave a professional edge to my business for which I am grateful for." - existing client