Digital Media Management

This is your captain speaking...

 Yes, you read correctly, ‘your Captain’.


This package is designed for the business that wants to get to the destination but needs a qualified professional to get you there. 

I’m here to manage all elements of your digital media including social media. I'll tell your brand story, to bring all the digital marketing components together, setting them to work in perfect unison, and generate real results. From social media to traditional media channels, through to newsletters, blog posts, I help your business build a strong online presence.

This means all you need to do is pop your headphones on, hit recline, order a drink and enjoy the in-flight entertainment. Okay, it’s unlikely that you will actually get to do this, but it will FREE you up to focus on other valuable areas of your business. 

Get in touch and ask me 'all' the questions.


What clients are saying


Digital Media Management

"I have worked with Kristy Norton of BeSeen Communications for about 2 years or so now.

Initially, we discussed a proposal just to have a basic website built. By working with Kristy and realising the potential of social media, we extended this engagement further. Kristy has not only built an incredibly professional website for us but has also maximised our exposure on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Kristy is passionate and incredibly fun to work with. I am just delighted with her work and professionalism! She also makes it fun and really takes you on a journey.

I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of her work,  the value for money and her vast knowledge of how to maximise a business’s exposure through digital marketing.

Kristy is now an integral part of our team, a highly valued partner and will be a long term asset to our business." - Jim Pickersgill, Jim Pickersgill & Associates